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Loving Purpose: *Mary Emily Cook* Helping others with love and truth throughout the world!* Shop ONLINE or PHONE Mary at 571-285-3992
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Loving Purpose!

 I’m Mary and I’d like to tell you a little about myself.

I have been a caregiver a good part of my life; for children, parents, and a grandchild.  I no longer have that role in life, but I’m still a mother and grandmother and I try to support my family as much as possible. 

 In the last few years I’ve become involved in mission work, even going on a couple of mission trips, like to Indonesia after volcano devastation.

Mary Cook in Indonesia Mary@LovingPurpose.com Although I don’t know if I’ll do that again, financial assistance is always needed and I want to be in a position to give, as my husband and I have to Liberia.

Mary in Liberia Mary@LovingPurpose.com

My business name, Loving Purpose, reflects who I am and my purpose in life… to love and care for others; family, friends, and in the mission field.  I also need some ‘me’ time and enjoy traveling as a means to regroup and enjoy life.  The income I earn through Loving Purpose allows me to positively impact the lives of others and also enjoy the lifestyle I want.

Mary Cook Signature Mary@LovingPurpose.com